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Wednesday, February 21, 2024 - @ 07:00 
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What is Fantaski?
Fantaski is a simulation game based on the FIS World Cup of Alpine Skiing. Playing Fantaski is quite simple: as a FantaManager, you buy skiers in order to create your FantaTeam, then you manage it through the season, selling and buying skiers during established trading periods. For each race, you can select 5 skiers according to their physical status, their previous results on that slope, or simply on your intuition! The single skier score follows the FIS points schedule, and the sum of the points earned by your five skiers gives the results of the team for the race. You don't need any particular skill or knowledge to play this game: FantaSki is made for those who love sports in general, who love Fantasy Games (especially if they're complex and well structured), but most of all for people who love this wonderful sport of skiing.
Not just a game
FantaSki is not just a game. As you surf the web site, you'll find all the news, results, standings, calendars and a complete archive of the last six seasons. If you browse one of the most accessible databases containing more than 400 profiles of ski racers, you'll get complete information on careers and results. And if you want to share your opinions in a community of fellow FantaManagers, joined by their passion for skiing, mountains, and of course, FantaSki, just enter the FantaSki Forum!
Fantaski History
FantaSki was born in 1996 from an idea of Matteo Pavesi. Thanks to a group of friends and ski lovers, the idea grew from a graduation thesis project in IT Engineering into the current site, which saw its internet debut before the 2001-2002 season. Several years of experience have helped FantaSki become the most complete online game dedicated to the World Cup of Alpine Skiing in addition to gaining the official support of FISI - Italian Federation Winter Sports.
Getting started with the game 
Now that you know what Fantaski is, just read the rules, sign up and start building your FantaTeam!


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