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Sunday, December 3, 2023 - @ 16:04 
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Maier H.
[ 1/21/2004] - With Saturday's DH it's time for Gran Slam!  
Saturday in Kitzbuehel, Tyreolean Alps, the legendary Streiff, Austrian temple of the ski, will host men’s downhill. A mythical race, like Montecarlo’s GP in the F1, which every skier dreams of winning, a sort of University of the ski; who’s able to win in Kitzbuhel is for sure a champion. The last seven downhills in Kitz have beeen won, each time, by a different skier and they were always great athletes. Starting with Kristian Ghedina’s victory in 1998, we then have two races in 1999 won by Lasse Kjus and Hans Knauss and Fritz Strobl’s success in the first edition of the third millenium. Three years ago Hermann Maier won; the “flying pig” from Flachau declared: "you need a lot of time and experience before you fully dare to go down it. And you have to bare your teeth at it otherwise it mercilessly bites you." Two years ago Stephan Eberharter won, in the season when he got his first overall title; this is Steff opinion about this race: "Kitzbuehel is a legend -- it's always something special to race here" and also: "You don't even have a second to catch your breath, let alone think". Last year it was time for Daron Rhalves who said: "I'm really excited about the races here. I've got two chances at the downhill which is my favourite,"; the incredibly strong Austrian team, looking for a revenge this year, is advised. Winning the Hahnenkamm downhill is a dream which comes truth for an Austrian. The Streif course is 3.3 km long, with a 85 percent gradient at its steepest part, riddled with treacherous and almost “mythologic” sections such as the Mausefalle (mouse trap) and the Steilhang(steep slope) and with great jumps, in particoular the one just before the finish that propels the racer 80 metres through the air at speeds of up to 140 kph. There is a particoular tournament in Fantaski dedicated to the legendary slopes, it’s called Gran Slam which includes the most legendary slopes. All the teams partecipate to this tournament, which considers the sum of the points made in four races of the calendar chosen at the beginning, basing on their history, tradition, fascination and prestige. Four races, one for each speciality, and four amazing, mythical slopes: the 3-Tre special slalom of Madonna di Campiglio (already won by Kostelic), the very difficoult Gran Risa giant slalom of Alta Badia (won by Simoncelli), the worldwide event of Hanenkamm downhill in Kitzbuhel and the marvellous super giant of Garmish. Are you ready for Kitz? Are you ready for the Gran Slam tournament?  
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