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Sunday, November 29, 2020 - @ 09:44 
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From 1997 in this resort these Men's World Cup races have been run:

Discipline Date Season Winner
SG 2/14/2020 2019/2020 Kilde A. A.
DH 2/13/2020 2019/2020 Dressen T.
SL 12/20/2018 2018/2019 Hirscher M.
GS 12/19/2018 2018/2019 Kranjec Z.
SG 2/22/2015 2014/2015 Mayer M.
DH 2/21/2015 2014/2015 Mayer M.
GS 12/22/1999 1999/2000 Mayer C.
GS 1/6/1998 1997/1998 Maier H.
DH 1/6/1994 1993/1994 Podivinsky E.

From 2001 in this resort these Ladies' World Cup races have been run:

Discipline Date Season Winner
K 1/13/2002 2001/2002 Goetschl R.
SL 1/13/2002 2001/2002 Pequegnot L.
DH 1/12/2002 2001/2002 Gerg H.
DH 1/11/2002 2001/2002 Gerg H.
SL 3/1/1998 1997/1998 Ertl M.
SG 3/5/1995 1994/1995 Zeller-Baehler H.
DH 3/5/1995 1994/1995 Street P.

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