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Friday, October 18, 2019 - @ 08:19 
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From 1997 in this resort these Men's World Cup races have been run:

Discipline Date Season Winner
SL 3/17/2019 2018/2019 Noel C.
GS 3/16/2019 2018/2019 Pinturault A.
SG 3/14/2019 2018/2019 Paris D.
DH 3/13/2019 2018/2019 Paris D.

From 2001 in this resort these Ladies' World Cup races have been run:

Discipline Date Season Winner
GS 3/17/2019 2018/2019 Shiffrin M.
SL 3/16/2019 2018/2019 Shiffrin M.
SG 3/14/2019 2018/2019 Rebensburg V.
DH 3/13/2019 2018/2019 Puchner M.
K 2/28/2016 2015/2016 Gagnon M.
SG 2/27/2016 2015/2016 Brignone F.
GS 2/12/2012 2011/2012 Worley T.
SL 2/11/2012 2011/2012 Schild M.

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