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"FISI" tournament rewards teams with best score during the season. To compete in this tournament FantaManager have to buy at least 7 italian skier.
"Grand Slam" Tournament rewards teams with best score in 4 "classical" races of Ski World Cup. For season 2004/2005 classical races will be:
Slalom: Aspen (the first) and Berchtesgaden
Giant Slalom: St Moritz and Maribor
Super-G: Altenmarkt and Are
Downhill: Val d'Isere (the first) and Cortina d'Ampezzo (the first)
Il torneo "Talent Scout" premia i team in una classifica stilata sulla base solo dei punti conquistati dai giovani (nate dal 1996 compreso in poi) schierati.
- Nessun obbligo nella rosa
- Squadra composta come si vuole e che partecipa a tutte le classifiche
- Classifica x il torneo stilata sulla base SOLO DEI PUNTI CONQUISTATI DAI GIOVANI SCHIERATI
"Market Phase" Tournament rewards teams with best score in each market phase. Prices change every phase so this tournament compares teams built with the same prices.
"Half Season" Tournament rewards teams with best score from the middle to the end of the season; the first race of this tournament is the slalom in Berchtesgaden.
The "Combined" tournament rewards the teams who made more points in Slalom and Downhill.
To the "Pink" tournament can take part only those Ladies (FantaManager) which compiled their personal informaiton inside the page "myFantaski".
"Finals" Tournament rewards the teams with best score in the last 4 races of the season 2004/2005 in Lenzerheide.
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